100% PURE COPPER “TNR GOLD” 90 Meters PVC Electrical Wire / Cable

This (0.75, 1, 1.5 sq mm) flame retardant single core copper cable wire is made up of high quality materials and can be used for heavy wiring as well. The wire adheres to IS-694:1990 and it comes with bright annealed electrolytic bare copper conductor for voltage grade up to 1100 volts.

– TNR GOLD Single Core copper conductor (Flexible)
– FR PVC insulated industrial Cables (Unsheathed)
– 1100 Volts Conforming to IS: 694.
– 101% copper conductivity
– Extra protection against:
– (Fire/Overload/Low Voltage/Atmospheric Changes)
– Specially formulated PVC compound for better insulation
– Tested for strict parameters
– Best packaging in the industry